Introducing NANOlink-Security: Elevating Communication with Enhanced Security

We are thrilled to announce the successful release of our new…
December 20, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

SkyLabs expands its reach with ADCS System Integration

We are excited to announce that our equipment is now being applied…
November 9, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

Small technology, big innovation

"Envision a highly miniaturised camera, less than two cubic millimetres in size,...
November 8, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

Visit from the ESA representatives

We were honoured to host representatives from the European Space…
October 20, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

SKY-IC-RHLCL is up and running

Great success of SkyLabs’ microelectronics development team!…
September 6, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

Pilot demonstration project NIZIS: The Advanced Intelligent Ground Information System

In the past months, SkyLabs has secured a national co-funding…
July 31, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

ESA Acknowledges SkyLabs as the Leading Slovenian Satellite Avionics Company

Last week the delegation of the European Space Agency (ESA)…
July 25, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

French Ambassador Impressed by SkyLabs’s Innovative Approach

On Monday, 24th of April 2023, the Ambassador of the Republic…
April 26, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

SkyLabs as a partner in the IRIDE constellation

We are very proud to be one of few selected suppliers by OHB-Italia…
March 30, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

TRISAT-R with NANOsky satellite avionics continues to operate flawlessly

We are very happy to report, that the TRISAT-R nanosatellite,…
March 16, 2023/by Dejan Gačnik

Follow Live Trisat-R in Space

TRISAT-R, launched by VEGA-C's maiden flight last July, is successfully…
November 14, 2022/by samo

TRISAT-R Software Successfully Updated in Orbit

We are pleased to announce that SkyLabs and the University of…
October 20, 2022/by samo

Protect On-board Data Handling and Other Satellite Systems with SKY-IC-RHLCL-A1

We are proudly presenting our new Radiation Hardened Latch-Up…
September 29, 2022/by samo

TRISAT-R SkyLabs GNSS Receiver Locked in Medium Earth Orbit

We are very pleased to announce that the SkyLabs on-board computer…
August 31, 2022/by samo

TRISAT-R Successfully Reached the Medium Earth Orbit

We are very pleased to announce that the TRISAT-R nanosatellite,…
July 14, 2022/by samo

SkyLabs new communication infrastructure for SkyLabs next generation satellite platforms

A new European VEGA-C launch vehicle is expected to fly into…
June 24, 2022/by samo

TRISAT-R Ready to Fly to MEO

TRISAT-R nanosatellite primed by the University of Maribor in…
June 14, 2022/by samo

CUBE – Creating scientific pathfinder for future ESA space weather activities

We are pleased to announce that INAF (ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI…
May 12, 2022/by samo

NANOlink-S complete secure CCSDS compliant communication solution

Secure Satellite Connection with NANOlink-S
March 8, 2022/by samo

SkyLabs signed new Collaboration Agreement with Elecnor Deimos

SkyLabs technology utilised in new innovative Attitud
February 24, 2022/by samo

Fault Tolerant PicoSkyFT processor now available with Hardware accelerated Floating-Point Unit

The fault tolerant PicoSkyFT processor core and its instruction…
January 17, 2022/by samo


SkyLabs will cooperate with researchers from the University…
December 15, 2021/by samo


Yesterday at SpaceTechExpoEU we have announced the use of Cobham Gaisler technology in our new product.
November 18, 2021/by samo

SkyLabs proudly announces that our second generation of NANOsky I microsatellite platform is utilised within the OHB Italia innovative M3 Platform – Multi Mission Microsatellite.

OHB Italia and SkyLabs have build in the last year a strong…
June 28, 2021/by samo

SkyLabs nanosat platform NANOsky I is in space!

Today (3.9.2020) at 3:33 UTC time the TRISAT (…
September 3, 2020/by samo

Integration of the nanosatellite TRISAT into a QuadPack deployer

Staff from University of Maribor with support of staff from…
July 16, 2019/by samo
PicoSkyFT processor core released

SkyLabs announces official release of the PicoSkyFT processor

PicoSkyFT is a game-changing, fault-tolerant soft-core processor for aerospace and safety-critical applications.
February 12, 2018/by samo

SkyLabs kick-off picoRTU project with ESA

11th November 2017
SkyLabs, Maribor, Slovenia
SkyLabs has…
December 17, 2017/by Dejan Gačnik