Pilot demonstration project NIZIS: The Advanced Intelligent Ground Information System

In the past months, SkyLabs has secured a national co-funding for the NIZIS project, which will be carried out in the next three years in collaboration with another three innovative Slovenian companies: Cosylab, Duol Inženiring and GeoCodis.

Chosen among 60 project applications, NIZIS is set to transform the space industry by facilitating direct communication and control of satellite platforms. NIZIS stands out as a distinct and autonomous system that will revolutionize the way satellite technologies are utilized by end users. With this innovative approach, users will simply view the satellite platform as a seamless collection of digital endpoints for transmitting and receiving their desired data.

Through the pilot demonstration project, an energy-efficient and intelligent ground information system will be showcased. NIZIS emerges as the answer to the space industry's evolving demands and aims to fulfill the future requirements of the space industry by offering not just a satellite connection and raw data streaming, but also content processing capabilities, enabling seamless communication and direct control with satellite platforms.

The endorsement from SPIRIT - Slovenian Business Development Agency, which is responsible for funding NIZS, serves as more than just a validation of SkyLabs as a distinguished development and innovation company, but it also solidifies our standing within the Slovenian space industry.

Photo: SkyLabs, Cosylab, Duol Inženiring and GeoCodis representatives working on the project.