Introducing NANOlink-Security: Elevating Communication with Enhanced Security

We are thrilled to announce the successful release of our new cutting-edge communication subsystem NANOlink-S. NANOlink-S, as its name suggest, is based on SkyLabs’ flagship and flight proven NANOlink architecture, but further extended with an unmatched communication security feature using 256-bit cryptography.

“The data authenticity and confidentiality are assured by the Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) authenticated encryption algorithm, which uses an AES-256 encryption core. Thanks to its hardware-accelerated implementation, NANOlink-S provides equivalent data rates as its predecessor. Hence, it is possible to increase the data link performance even further in the future. On the other hand, NANOlink-S handles security services in compliance with the CCSDS Space Data Link Protocols (SDLP) associated procedures, which are used with the CCSDS Telemetry and Telecommand protocols to provide a structured method for applying data authentication and/or data confidentiality at the data link layer. Furthermore, to ease the use of secure operations with the NANOlink-S, it supports the SDLP protocol with Extended Procedures (EP), which exposes multiple services to the user, such as key management, security association management, as well as SDLS Monitoring and Control Services. Overall, NANOlink-S was designed to maintaining a small size and mass while being the most power efficient product in its Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) class.”

explains David Selčan, Head of R&D at SkyLabs.

NANOlink-S represents a leap forward in satellite communication technology, offering enhanced security, without impacting performance or reliability. With its advanced functionalities, we are revolutionizing space-based communications within this satellite segment. Certainly, one of the standout features of NANOlink-S is its heightened focus on security. Acknowledging the vital role of secure communication, we have conscientiously enhanced the security protocols integrated into NANOlink-S. We are proud to announce that this effort has been a result of a collaborative cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA).

Our collaboration with ESA has been instrumental in refining and elevating the security standards of NANOlink-S. The expertise provided by ESA have enabled us to enhance the resilience of our product, ensuring that it meets the stringent security requirements demanded by the rapidly evolving satellite avionics industry.

 “NANOlink-S has just recently entered the production phase. First flight models have already been delivered to customers to enable secure connectivity with their constellation missions. Looking ahead, we are excited to share that NANOlink-S is a crucial element of an In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) mission as the payload on the upcoming TRISAT-S nanosatellite (prime University of Maribor), that is planned to be launched in 2024 on board of Isar Aerospace’s Spectrum rocket. This marks a significant milestone for NANOlink-S, as it will showcase its secure communication in real-world space conditions.”.

reveals our CTO Dejan Gačnik

The NANOlink-S is available in three different variants. The first variant, the NANOlink-S-base unit integrates the complete functionality of the security features, including the RF chain with PA and MODEM, encoder/decoder, CCSDS stack, unit housekeeping, logging and TM&TC functions. The second variant, the NANOlink-S-boost, has an additional high efficiency RF power amplifier module to boost the RF output power up to 5W. The third, most integrated solution on the market, is the NANOlink-S-boost-dp, which features a RF diplexer/combiner with integrated LNA, thereby providing two antenna ports, which both operate as combined transmission and reception ports.

We are dedicated to push the boundaries of what is possible in space technology, and with NANOlink-S, we are delivering a product that exceeds expectations.

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