Visit from the ESA representatives

We were honoured to host representatives from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism, and Sport at the start of October. Their visit was a great opportunity to present our latest innovations in the field of space technologies and to share our groundbreaking achievements.

We presented them the remarkable results of the TRISAT-R mission, that has delivered a wealth of invaluable data and insights. TRISAT-R nanosatellite, equipped with our NANOsky satellite avionics, is truly pushing the boundaries of space technology, since it continues to operate reliably, despite being exposed to intense radiation in mid-Earth orbit (MEO) for more than one year.

Another exciting development we showed and presented to the guests was our new, cutting-edge production process for the assembly of NANOsky avionics for constellations.

We are excited about the possibilities this visit will bring and look forward to further collaboration with our esteemed partners.