NANOlink-S complete secure CCSDS compliant communication solution

We are proudly introducing our new NANOlink-S TM/TC satellites communication subsystem that is finally enabling small satellite market a cost-efficient solution for a secure communication between satellite and ground segment.

NANOlink-S is built on our flagship NANOlink TM/TC subsystem, still providing the same high-throughput and CCSDS compliance, while this time everting in a secure manner. Highly miniaturized, NANOlink-S features in-orbit programmable SDR architecture, which enables the incorporation of various modulation schemes and communication protocols. The full duplex communication subsystem is compliant with the CCSDS protocol, while supporting configurable modulation parameters and data rates.

The built-in encryption system provides a high level of security between satellite and ground station communication as well as ground-to-ground communication. The security functions of the NANOlink-S are based on the use of the CCSDS SDLS protocol. The NANOlink-S supports the symmetric AES-GCM-256 authenticated encryption algorithm with support for multiple encryption keys, which are preloaded onto the unit before launch. The security of the keys is assured by storing them in a tamper-resistant memory that is guarded against key retrieval attacks.

The security link is managed by the NANOlink-S in a fully autonomous manner – as such, other systems on-board the satellite can communicate over unsecured on-board interfaces, while the NANOlink-S assures that all communication with the ground is secured at a high level. In this way the NANOlink-S enables secure and encrypted transfer of all types of data: control, location, images, videos, surveillance..., while preventing the unauthorized dissemination of said data.

It is built in a nanosatellite compatible PC-104 form factor and provides a secure communication channel for TM/TC via redundant CAN bus or high-speed LVDS interface.

With skyEGSE-comm-S you get a solution with secure connection support that allows a comprehensive Cloud-based interface for communication with your satellites.