Follow Live Trisat-R in Space

TRISAT-R, launched by VEGA-C's maiden flight last July, is successfully continuing its mission in mid-Earth orbit at altitude of approximately 6,000 km. Monitoring of satellite telemetry on an important mission is available to the public.

During the mission, several experiments are carried out by the University of Maribor, CERN, the European Space Agency - ESA and the company SkyLabs d.o.o. with the aim of:

  • collecting data to characterize the space environment,
  • validating Radiation Hardened by Design techniques,
  • contributing to testing high-density electronics for future Artificial Intelligence applications.

Launching the Trisat-R NANO satellite into medium Earth orbit and operating at a height with even stronger exposure to the dangerous influences of space represents an important achievement and a valuable experience for the future generation of Slovenian space engineers.

You can follow live telemetry of TRISAT-R, including attitude, solar panels, and battery status: