Your responsibilities

  • Development of user application and SDK for controlling our satellite platform.
  • Development of internal test framework and test cases for satellite platform product assurance.
  • Writing documentation, user manuals, test reports.
  • Communicating with our partners and providing technical support.
  • Executing advanced PA procedures (e.g., TVAC testing for space industry).


  • Strong C++ and Python knowledge.
  • Experience with Qt framework, MQTT protocol and serial communication over USB.
  • Excellent software engineering skills and Git SCM.
  • Good level of English for speaking and technical writing.

Beneficial knowledge and experience

  • Completed higher technical education.
  • Good high-level programming language skills.
  • Experience with embedded software development.
  • Knowledge of CAN and LVDS communication protocols.
  • High level of proactivity and detailed and precise working style.
  • Teamwork, good communicative skills and goal-oriented.
  • Enjoyment in learning and continuous professional and personal development.

If you are interested in working at our company and you want to be contribute to the development of space technologies with your knowledge, please send us your detailed job application and CV by email to: