SkyLabs Attended B2D Event “Slovenia in Space” About New Opportunities for the Slovenian Space Sector

The Business to Diplomacy (B2D) event "Slovenia in space", which took place on 4 October 2022 in the Noordung Center in Vitanje, was aimed at establishing new connections and opportunities for cooperation at the national and international level, presenting the activities and achievements of the Slovenian space sector to representatives of foreign embassies and Slovenian economic and defense attachés.

SkyLabs and 12 other Slovenian companies and research institutions operating in the space industry attended the event, which also hosted many representatives of foreign diplomatic and consular representatives accredited to Slovenia, Slovenian defense attachés and economic advisors (the latter virtually). The audience was addressed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon, State Secretary for Defense Rudi Medved and State Secretary for Economic Development and Technology Matevž Frangež, who emphasized how important Trisat missions from SkyLabs and University of Maribor are for the Slovenian space sector with the abundance of innovative radiation hardened solutions developed by SkyLabs, which are also known and recognized abroad.

Some of the most prominent representatives of companies and institutions presented themselves at the event: Center of Excellence Vesolje-SI, SkyLabs and University of Maribor, Dewesoft, Sinergise, Balmar, Institut Jožef Stefan, GeoCodis, Instrumentation Technologies, Elep Electronics, Paradigma Tech, Arctur, Ferročrtalić and Robotina.