SkyLabs at the GSTP Industry Working Days 2022 Event

We are pleased to announce that we have attended the ESA event GSTP Industry Working Days 2022, which takes place in the Austrian capital Vienna, 22 – 24 June. The main topic of this three-day event is discussions on the main future inventions in the areas of:

  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Digitalisation,
  • Quantum Technology.

Digitalisation in space projects is being implemented across engineering, product assurance, operation, but also project management, procurement and more corporate aspects. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in space domain cover multiple developments such as fault detection, isolation and recovery techniques for on-board processing. High focus is given on high performance for payload and high availability for platform.

Developments in quantum technologies for space applications include the following:

  • Quantum electronics, atomic quantum state preparation and control, quantum frequency metrology, quantum secure communication and the subsequent exploitation of dual use applications (metrology & computational) developments vis-a-vis atomic clocks and quantum processors and quantum simulation using key developmental building blocks.
  • The analysis and later implementation of quantum sub-systems in ESA programs such as the application of Quantum computational techniques for large data set analysis in Earth Science, navigation orbit refinement and optimisation. 

General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) has been successfully supporting the European space industry for almost 30 years and helping it achieve cutting-edge innovation. As space is becoming more important and an integral part of our life in Europe, the GSTP at the forefront is pushing development of the space technologies that enable navigation, exploring and Earth and universe observation missions.

Space sector is in the process of continuous transformation. New competitors and stakeholders enter the market, so it’s more important than ever to understand that with all of ESA’s R&D Space programmes, including GSTP, we get invaluable insights and knowledge which help to secure our and Europe’s competitiveness in the global market. Discussions organized during the event will help SkyLabs build new partnerships and strengthen established ones so that we can better meet the demands of the space industry.