A successful Space Tech Expo 2022 for SkyLabs

We have successfully concluded the Space Tech Expo 2022 last week in Bremen, where our team had an honour to present our new #SkyLabs products and exciting new AI@edge technologies. The later has been well accepted by industry. Specially by those who are eager to have the leading-edge technologies on-board of their satellite mission and offer their customers top-notch solution with true Satellite as a Service, embarking our versatile AI@edge system.

If you missed our booth, or you would like to further discus face-to-face, the next opportunity will be at the GR740 User Day / RISC-V in Space event (December 13-14, 2022) at ESTEC, where our CTO Dejan Gačnik will also present the first in-orbit experiences with SkyLabs's new NANOhpm-obc computer with the CAES NOEL-V RISC processor flying on the TRISAT-R satellite mission.