Intuitive App for out-of-the-box operation

ISO 19683:2017

IPC Class 3+


In-house MAIT

  • ICD

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skyEGSE-GUI application enables user immediate out of the box control, monitor and management of any SkyLabs equipment. skyEGSE-GUI application is a graphical user interface developed on top of powerful NANOsky CMM SDK Application Library module. Application establish connection with target equipment via skyEGSE-LINK2 or skyEGSE-comm, and provides features as:

  • Equipment general status overview
  • Equipment real-time TM monitoring in charts and export function
  • Provides TC for controlling all equipment functions
  • Downloading equipment logs
  • Equipment parameterisation
  • Equipment FW upgrade function
  • Execution of customised TM/TC

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