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skyEGSE-comm with UHF/VHF radio support

Ground Station Equipment for communication over UHF/VHF RF link

ISO 19683:2017

IPC Class 3+


In-house MAIT

skyEGSE-comm-uhf is a CCSDS compliant SDR solution, that enables full duplex communication link with SkyLabs on-board communication equipment. It supports reliable communication with Convolutional and Reed Solomon error correcting codes. It allows users to quickly reconfigure or create new links for communication with NANOcomm satellite RF equipment in UHF/VHF frequency ranges.

skyEGSE-comm-uhf is compatible with:

  • Satellite NANOcomm-2 equipment
  • skyEGSE-GUI
  • NANOsky CMM™ SDK

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