Secure NANOlink-S-boost with additional highly efficient integrated amplifier

ISO 19683:2017

IPC Class 3+


In-house MAIT

NANOlink-S-boost is a highly miniaturised TM/TC satellite communication subsystem with the additional highly efficient integrated amplifier and built-in encryption system, which provides a high level of security between satellite and ground station communication.  Several intelligent built-in functions enable the use of the NANOlink-S-boost as a fully autonomous system, making the acquisition of satellite diagnostic data practically autonomous. The security functions of the NANOlink-S subsystems are based on the use of the CCSDS SDLS protocol and supports the symmetric AES-GCM-256 authenticated encryption algorithm with support for multiple encryption keys. NANOlink-S-boost represents a secure key subsystem in the NANOsky 2nd generation platform due to its performance, integrated security, enchantments, its multifunctional architecture and various RF configurations.

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